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What is the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge?

The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (TSK) is a collection of over 500,000 Bible cross-references. Each cross-reference guides you to verses that let the scriptures interpret themselves. In this way you get a true sense of the meaning of Bible words.

The Bible cross-references in the TSK are a collection of many authors work over many centuries. In some cases this reaches all the way back to patristic commentaries.

When the TSK was first published, its sub-title boasted "Consisting of Five-hundred Thousand Scripture References and Parallel Passages from Canne, Browne, Blayney, Scott, and Others, with Numerous Illustrative Notes." This list of names points to editors of age old study Bibles that emphasized the value of cross-references for any serious Bible study.


How to use the TSK in three easy steps.

  1. Select a Verse
    Select a Bible book, chapter and, verse from the dropdown lists above and press the "Go" button. Alternatively, simply cut and paste a Bible reference.
  2. Read the TSK Reference in the Left column
    The TSK Reference list is in the left coloumn with the selected verse at the top. The TSK references are split into separate lists for each word or phrase. Click on a TSK reference to go to the verse in the right column.
  3. Read the Bible Verses in the Right Column
    All the King James Bible verses referred to by the TSK are listed and each verse reference is a direct link to the King James Bible web page so you can read even further.